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ummm - love. Bollywood; Current; Drive Time Dhamaal. Manohar Mahajan, Amin Sayani and Gopal Sharma are the golden names related to the golden era of Radio Ceylon post Indian independence. He was born on December 21, 1932 and now he resides at Mumbai. Dilip is a joyful and animated individual born in Mumbai and immigrated to Houston in 2001. Includes Amit Mishra's top Hindi, Bhojpuri, English songs. Ruchira Shukla. All Rights Reserved. A Portal from Galaxy Infomedia LLC. Today she is successful Doctor of Chiropractic and a popular radio […], Since 2017, Amit has been rocking Rush Hour with his unique music and wit from a mixed of Desi roots and USA upbringing. One other person has also been injured in the incident. Abhilash Thapliyal is a Radio Jockey. Anindita Nayar is a noted model who debut Bollywood with Ajay Bhuyan’s Amit Sahni Ki List in 2014. Radio Ceylon is the oldest radio station in South Asia and has been popular in India for playing Hindi film songs, at a time when Radio was the only medium to hear film songs. Type all the shown characters Classics like Pankaj Udhas and Jagjit Singh aside, he introduces rare songs that mesmerizes every Thursdays 8-10 PM on Masala Mehfil. In 2013, he co-started the regional language show Chel Chabilo Gujarati. Born in Baroda, raised in Ahmedabad, she brought her deep Gujju roots to the USA in the early 2000’s. In those days, particularly 1960’s and 1970’s, it was regarded as a matter of pride for Hindi songs if featured in Binaca Geet Mala and this countdown program was widely regarded as the best survey of popularity of Hindi film songs in that era. jyotsana sahni Radio Jockey at 94.3 MY FM - Synergy Media Entertainment Ltd. - Dainik Bhaskar Group Amritsar, Punjab, India 17 connections. Then you could be cut out for jockeying on Discos, radio and TV. Prity Khastgir. He has been RJing for 20 years now for several radio channels across the US. Sayani, through the popular program Binaca Geet Mala popularized Radio Ceylon as the leader of the airwaves in South Asia and people used to turn on radio only to hear his voice to listen to the only countdown show on film music, Binaca Geet Mala. Apart from radio, I am a business consultant, professional cameraman, cricket commentator and an avid cook. Born and raised in the small village Kashipur in Uttarakhand, she completed an MBA in Dehradun and was an assistant professor of Management before settling in […], Since 2019, Sanjeev has stirred patriotism in the Houston Indo-American Community with his Indian news and perspectives segment Garam Masala every Wednesday 7-9PM. Qutab Institutional Area. Amit Sahni’s family was booked on the cancelled flight, and while they have now been offered seats on the Chennai flight four days later, they are nervous about the risk of … He does a themed Bollywood rewind show on Saturdays 12 – 2 PM where he brings Bollywood stories along with great music which will definitely take you back in days. I am also an RJ (Radio Jockey) and host the Real Estate Power Hour with Amit Inamdar (4 pm every Friday) as well as a Indian Regional Songs show (Marathi Songs Show 1 pm every Sunday)) on radio channel 1550 AM. © 2009-2021 Shiv Singh is a Writer. He has replaced RJ Devangana who has moved to #Fame in Mumbai.Also Read: RJ Devangana moves out of FM Tadka; joins #Fame Mitti Ke Rang Academy brings to you a Masterclass on - RJING(Radio Jockey) Kindly Whatsapp your name at - 9922790240 (Amit Jain, Co-Founder - Mitti Ke Rang) To be a part of the Temporary Whatsapp group and to get the Session Link, and all other updates. Observing a Radio Personality is the best way to learn radio or Audio Medium. Listen to top songs featuring Amit Mishra on JioSaavn. For Kaul, even the love and appreciation that came his way for "Tumhari Sulu"-- in which he played Ashok, the supportive husband to Vidya Balan's Sulu, an aspiring radio jockey -- didn't entice him to be part of more films. He is well known for the films such as Ki & Ka and Fitoor. While early 90's saw the rise of Video Jockeys, with the advent of FM, Radio Jockeys became popular with a personality of their own. An avid Music Lover, Ina has accumulated vast memories and knowledge of various genres of music, specializing in Black & White Bollywood classics & Gujarati folk songs. Srishti Shrivastava. She is a hardcore Pancham da  fan, not one show has ever gone without playing one of his tunes. In 2013, she […], Since 2013, Swati has been filling Houston’s Sunday afternoons with the sweetest melodies, ghazals, and a qawwali or two, slong with her even sweeter voice and commentary.  (Can't see? Sumeet Sahni is an American fitness model, trainer and sponsored athlete born on 18 th December 1987 in California. In India he was an esteemed Announcer and News […], Since 2019, Seema has stirred up Masala listeners’ fitness goals with innovative monthly fitness challenges and local community organization coverage on Timepass Tuesdays every evening 8-10PM. ... sector-Radio jockey. refresh). The movie Dil Jungle is his first debut film. We know him for the movies such as Illusion BOUND and Dil Junglee. AMIT shows. Home | About India | People | Places | Yellow Pages | India Photos | India Videos | The court was hearing a plea filed by social activist and lawyer Amit Sahni, who sought direction to the government to replace or suitably extend the time limit to terminate a pregnancy from 20 weeks by a further period of four to six weeks by bringing suitable amendments in Section 3(2)(b) of the Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP) Act. Amit Sahni has filed a special leave petition in the top court against the high court's order. Jackky Bhagnani is an actor. "I again went on a break, but then suddenly interesting scripts started coming. Promotions of Amit Sahni Ki List. Managing Director at WEALTH CLINIC PRIVATE LIMITED sector-Real Estate. We all Know Radio is a pure medium and so as the Podcast can be if we do it with great intentions. Radio listeners have not forgotten yet his unique style of addressing crowd with "Behno aur Bhaiyo". The film is about a boy who searches a right girl with his own list. `Amit Sahni Ki List` is not a great piece of cinema. CRAFT FILM SCHOOL B-11. She played the role of an investment banker romancing Vir Das (Amit Sahni) in the film. After taking a break to enjoy her second baby she is back to co-host afternoon Drive Time Dhamaal with Sunil on WED and FRI. Born and raised in Houston, Priya was a teenage fan […], Since 2012, Ina -vibrant and cheerful chhel chhabili Gujarati – has graced Houston airwaves with her sweet voice and charming commentary on almost any topic! You can tell right away that was raised in Gwalior by the finesse in his Hindi – sharp with the most precise pronunciation! Jackky Bhagnani. Subscribe to the channel to learn about more Radio and how to start Podcasting. His love for everything Indian is evident in his passionate promotions of the best of local […], Since 2007, DiIip has been hosting the immensely popular Black & White era show Gata Rahe Mera Dil featuring classics from the 1960s & 70s. AMIT / Radio Jockey . Her energetic talk and her even more pumping songs has become an addiction! © Music Masala Inc. DBA Masala Radio 2019, © MUSIC MASALA INC DBA MASALA RADIO / MASALA ENTERTAINMENT.

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