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They didn't appear in the anime yet, so asking about them is kinda pointless. At that point, Eugeo retrieved his sword and proceeded to stab the bottom of the pool to continue freezing the area around him. Two days later, the 22nd of the 5th month, was a stormy day and the time for Eugeo and Kirito's weekly sword maintenance in their rooms. I suppose?" Furthermore, Eugeo always offered to help his valet with her duties and attempted to minimise her workload. Although Kirito encouraged Eugeo to help him save Alice from the Integrity Knight, Eugeo's doubts and a pain in his right eye prevented him from doing anything. As Eugeo and Kirito were training at the Norlangarth Sword Mastery Academy one day, they were suddenly engulfed by shadows. [5], When Eugeo joined the Academy, he wore a standard grey uniform. For example, when he first met Kirito during the latter's second dive, Eugeo noticed that Kirito was hungry, and thus shared his food with him. Sword Art Online Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. The first Fluctlights had to be raised by real humans for 18 years to develop properly. Snapped in half after the battle against Quinella. Children Are Innocent: A young carefree, fun and games, sweet little girl. While Kirito battled with the «Four Oscillation Blades» and Fanatio, Eugeo finished his preparations and activated the special ability of his sword when Fanatio recklessly released the full power of her Heaven Piercing Sword. Y/N points out. When he asked for the whereabouts of his father and siblings, his mother's voice replied, saying that Eugeo had killed them. Moments later, Eugeo was given an antidote for the poison by Kirito and ordered to secretly start chanting his Armament Full Control Art as soon as possible. Days later, Eugeo had a picnic with Kirito, Ronye and Tiese where the latter two told their mentors about the difficulties that their friend, Frenica Szeski, was having as Humbert's valet, since he was venting his anger of his duel with Eugeo being a draw on her. Eugeo then lost consciousness, calling out for Kirito and Alice. Age Language: English Words: 5,186 Chapters: 9/9 Kudos: 6 Hits: 251 As the fifth best student at the end of the first academy year, Eugeo became one of the twelve Elite Disciples the following year, being assigned Tiese Shtolienen as his valet. Eugeo offered her to request a change of her mentor, as he saw that Kirito was not a good example. Kirito is approached by the government to unmask the identity of a website user who has the power to murder real people by attacking their avatars. The final battle against the Dark Territory drags on, as players from all over the world flood the Underworld's servers and plunge the Human Empire into utter chaos. 25th Day of the 5th Month, 380 HECBisected by Quinella[2] Eugeo was a child born in a remote village in the Human Empire of Underworld, where he was assigned the Sacred Task of felling a giant tree with his childhood friend Kirito. 0. But to their surprise, they were called by a girl from a door that they had not noticed before and the two ran into the passageway leading to the Great Library Room. After Kirito requested to borrow Eugeo's sword, Eugeo reminded him of the important event that would take place the next day, the 6th Day of the 3rd Month. Eugeo immediately went to the dying Cardinal and convinced her to transform him into a being capable of fighting the sword golem. Just like Kirito, Eugeo was able to perform Skill Connect. Eugeo is a real person; Crying; Summary. At that moment, Eugeo felt that it was his mission and duty to stop the Administrator and find a way to stop her and save their world. In that instant, he realized that the best way to fight the sword golem was to fuse with his sword. "But what has got me going the most is how the fluct light can make real people like Eugeo or Alice's little sister." Despite having green eyes according to the novel, Eugeo is depicted as having blue eyes in some art works. Affiliation "Um yeah? The Dark Knight was being pierced by an arrow from the Integrity Knight's bow and crashed into the ground near the children, who had stopped on the border to the Dark Territory. That said, you are on a wiki, so how about taking the name of a character you want information about and type it in the search bar? Kirito says as he … I’ll avoid spoilers but Eugeo is … Asuna, Kirito and Yui revisit their dream of once again living together in their log cabin on Floor 22. Then… did the denizens of the Dark Territory also count as humans too? Unfortunately, after filling their basket with ice, they realize that they cannot remember which cave they used to enter the cave, as the boys had conflicting opinions on the cave they came from. With a huge shield, he easily defended against Kirito’s attacks during their duel. [9][10] After becoming an Elite Swordsman-in-Training and being given the privilege to customize the color of his uniform, Eugeo chose to wear a blue and gray uniform. After escaping the prison and learning the truth of the world from Cardinal, the duo fought their way to the top of the Cathedral to acquire Alice's lost memories and defeat the ruler of the Axiom Church. ... Kirito tries his best to get to the real Eugeo but the fight ends unexpectedly. Eugeo managed to make Humbert stumble by connecting two skills and repelling his attack. Sword Artwork On-line is an anime I’ve brazenly admitted to liking. Only works against debuffs on Kirito's power or below), Immortality (Type 2); Hypermobility (VR Avatars do not have muscles and insides like real people do. The following is a list of characters from the light novel, anime and manga series Sword Art Online.Most of the characters are introduced as gamers who play and consequently become trapped in a virtual reality massively multiplayer online role-playing game (VRMMORPG) Sword Art Online. He wants to know what makes this holiday so special, so he takes Asuna on a Christmas date to try and capture the spirit of the season. Death I recommend inviting Wayfarers fighting a boss/Monolith Boss as its almost the fastest way to increase their Affinity to Rank 1. Personal Information The people of this world deserve to be free. Although his childhood friend was apprehended and taken to the Central Cathedral, he did not have the resolution to follow and save her. Our highest priority is to make you happy, so every order comes with a 60-day money back guarantee! When both of them had barely any Life left, Chief Elder Chudelkin appeared and froze Bercouli, all the while mentioning that he had found a very useful pawn whilst looking at Eugeo. He also tried his best to maintain a good relationship with his valet by participating in bonding sessions with her and even scolded Kirito for trying to avoid the sessions. How can he live properly without holding on to the protagonist’s thigh? Instead, he used his Sacred Task as an excuse to avoid contemplating about leaving the village, and thus he spent the following six years trying to fell the Gigas Cedar. Finding out that the golem was actually made by transforming three hundred people into swords, she would not be able to kill the golem, thus Cardinal offered her life in exchange for the freedom of the three youths. A solid companion, and a guy who’s always there through through thick and thin. After a while of practice, they started mocking Eugeo about his lack of style and mockingly invited him to duel them, but to the nobles' surprise, Eugeo agreed to duel with Humbert, while Raios was left as the referee of the duel. The third season of Sword Art Online, titled Sword Art Online: Alicization, is an anime series adapted from the light novel series of the same title written by Reki Kawahara and illustrated by abec. He attempted to counter Bercouli with the Sword Skill «Sonic Leap», but as he rushed forward, Bercouli activated the special ability of the Time Piercing Sword, resulting in Eugeo being seriously wounded. Eugeo is a resident of the VR world, one born of AI parents who has no idea that he isn't a “real” person inhabiting a realm meant for play. It is animated by A-1 Pictures and directed by Manabu Ono. Eugeo is a resident of the VR world, one born of AI parents who has no idea that he isn't a “real” person inhabiting a realm meant for play. Lihat apa yang ditemukan Irsa Khalis (farhan_afidal) di Pinterest, koleksi ide terbesar di dunia. Project Alicization Manga Chapter.001 During this incident, Eugeo managed to break his Seal of the Right Eye, a feat that no Artificial Fluctlight had accomplished before. He realized that after their escape, Quinella would turn nearly half of the human population into sword golems to use in the upcoming war. ユージオ Eugeo is a resident of the VR world, one born of AI parents who has no idea that he isn’t a “real” person inhabiting a realm meant for play. However, instead of leading back to Rulid Village, the cave led them to the Dark Territory. The description for HTTP status code 410Gone reminded the author of a. On the 28th Day of the 8th Month, the day of the tournament, Kirito and him were about to enter the West gate of the town when a horse went wild and charged at them but they were able to soothe it, and discovered the cause of its distress was a «Large Marsh Horsefly». 0. After Tiese and Ronye were dismissed, Eugeo reminded Kirito about an advanced Sacred Arts exam that they were going to have the next day and that Kirito had not studied for it yet. The author explained this as the influence of lighting. Voiced By (English) When Alice attempted to help the dying knight but tripped, Eugeo, who had remained standing without reaction at first, as well as Kirito, tried to reflexively grab Alice by her clothes. If it still escapes you look up Fluctlight, and if you are still confused I'll give a lengthy explanation, but there are some spoilers in the explanation. Eugeo. Male By the 7th Month of 372 of the Human Empire Calendar, Eugeo had been Kirito's friend since childhood and had recently received the Sacred Task of cutting the Gigas Cedar tree with him. Constantly Curious: She asks endless questions much like Yui does. Live TV may vary by subscription and location. At hokagestore.com, we take your security and privacy very seriously. "Um yeah? Eugeo, Kirito and Alice finding the Blue Rose. How can he develop a good relationship with the protagonist? After this attack, Raios decided to execute him for the crimes of interrupting the punishment and harming Humbert. He failed, and the giant sentient sword was split in two, but not before managing to destroy Quinella's weapon and severing her entire right arm. April 10 was chosen as Eugeo's birthday by the author for two reasons: It was the day when Kirito bought honey pies for him and their valets in the anime. Eugeo waited in the room while Kirito went out to look for them. (Topic ID: 1852024) Eugeo The guy who gives Eugeo confidence. Eugeo (ユージオ, Yūjio?) Virtual / Augmented Realities He's done a bit of research and discovered that Christmas in Japan is a special day for lovers. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Eugeo initially also lacked resolve. With Kirito's assistance, he managed to master the use of the Horizontal Sword Skill and cut the Gigas Cedar in the process in just five days. When Eugeo arrived at the arena, he found Raios and Humbert practicing. Despite a voice telling him to get away, Eugeo stood completely still, as Quinella awoke. During the battle, Eugeo recalled that the knight was formerly known as Eldrie Woolsburg, the champion of the latest Four Empires Unity Tournament. One and a half years after the tournament, Eugeo talked with Kirito during dinner and later helped him with the plants he was growing. Encountering Lisbeth and Silica during his search there, Eugeo provided the girls a clear description of the friend he was searching for, before resuming his wandering. Branded as criminals, Eugeo and Kirito were arrested and brought to a prison at the Central Cathedral of the Axiom Church by Integrity Knight Alice Synthesis Thirty, Eugeo's former childhood friend, who no longer had any recollections of her past. In a desperate attempt, Eugeo unleashed his Armament Full Control Art to restrain Alice while Kirito unleashed his to whittle down her strength, but both Alice's and Kirito's weapons resonated, generating an incredible surge of energy that blew a huge hole in the Cathedral's supposedly invincible walls. 11 (Prologue I) 17 (Chapter 1) 19 (Chapter 4-13) Eugeo then heard a voice telling him to stab his dagger into the elevating disk and noticed a small spider on Kirito's right shoulder. The World of Guns 24m. Yet, he plays along with everything and stays within the system despite having full knowledge of everything. Eugeo was initially a very compliant person who could not even think of breaking the rules and laws. For example, when he first met Kirito during the latter's second dive, Eugeo noticed that Kirito was hungry, and thus shared his food with him. He knows that Eugeo and Alice are nothing more than highly advanced NPCs that are not being controlled by real people. He then prepared to duel with Kirito as he entered the stance for «Sonic Leap». 3. Thus, they are able to do impossible motions that people in real life would not be able to do), Limited Reality Warping (via Proto-Incarnation. 1. Eugeo and Kirito were thus branded murderers, and prepped for extraction by an Integrity Knight. One year later, Eugeo and his partner Kirito successfully enrolled at the Sword Mastery Academy as one of the top twelve students of the year, thus becoming a valet to Elite Disciple Golgorosso Balto. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Kirito says. «Project Alicization» Using the opportunity, Eugeo changed his torn and damaged Academy uniform into a blue outfit made from the highest quality materials. Read reviews (page 2) on the anime Sword Art Online: Alicization - War of Underworld 2nd Season (Sword Art Online Alicization War of Underworld Part 2) on MyAnimeList, the internet's largest anime database. At this point, Raios stopped the duel before Eugeo was able to land the final strike. The name Eugeo (Yu-ji-o) contains the traits of being gentle, working fast, and honesty. 2. Transmigrated into the body of a cannon fodder villain, Chu Yu has three major worries: 1. This was what the two nobles were waiting for, as Eugeo himself had undressed in front of his mentor many times for his mentor to inspect Eugeo's muscle development. Eugeo fought with his conscience and his inability to go against the Taboo Index, while the pain in his right eye increased as he watched the elites' actions. Kirito then dueled with Raios and severed both of his arms, eventually leading to his death. Repurposed as a weapon after being imprisoned at the Central Cathedral. The damage to the wall lead to the creation of a gust of wind that carried both Kirito and Alice to the outside as Eugeo watched in horror. Eugeo (ユージオ, Yūjio?) So, the result will be greatly influenced by what the real people do. This article is missing some information. Hell in someway equating fictional rape to real life rape is disrespectful to the families and victims of the act in real life. After the duel, Eugeo, along with Golgorosso, were invited to Sortiliena's room to celebrate the outcome of the duel. How about Alice !,I don't reading the novel. Eugeo's and Bercouli's blades then clashed, which resulted in what appeared to be Eugeo's blade being shattered. "Well, if what your saying is true, then everyone here is typically, a living thing right?" She began manipulating Eugeo's memories, convincing him that he had never been truly loved, and promising him that he would be loved. The singer asks for the other person to keep pressing on and that they will cherish the time they spent together even if it comes to an end. After a mishap during an adventure to the mountains resulted in his other childhood friend Alice Zuberg being apprehended by an Integrity Knight for breaking the Taboo Index, while his memories of Kirito were sealed by the administrators of the world, Eugeo spent the following six years focusing on his work to avoid thinking about his lost friend, until Kirito's return to Underworld led to Eugeo building the resolve to embark on a journey to become an Integrity Knight himself to rescue Alice, as well as acquiring the skills to wield the Blue Rose Sword he had retrieved from the mountains where Alice had broken the Taboo Index. There, he found a large white door and entered through it, only to find that the room was a bathhouse. He was tall, muscular, and very strong. While Kirito had a conversation with Cardinal and learnt about the Underworld and Administrator Quinella, Eugeo researched the tomes in the Great Library to learn more about his world's history. They took him to one of their rooms where they had Ronye and Tiese bound to the bed, since the two wanted to make him watch as they raped the girls as "punishment" for offending them. Family He helped Kirito look for Selka when she headed for the cave where Alice touched the ground of the Dark Territory and fought the Goblins in the cave, but was gravely injured. However, they only sliced the air with their fingers and thus Alice landed on the ground, touching the soil of the Dark Territory in the process. Eugeo hasn't been in Japan for very long, so he's not too familiar with the concept of Christmas. Eugeo immediately went with Kirito to talk with Raios and Humbert about the issue, but the two nobles played dumb and provoked Eugeo to mention how improper it was for Humbert to ask his valet to undress to her underwear. /s, i wanna know, i watched the anime but im still not sure. please help:). Orick (father)Two unnamed brothersSulinea (sister) Media Volume 9, Prologue I, Part 1 First Appearance Kirigaya Kazuto (桐ヶ谷 和人, Kirigaya Kazuto), born as Narusaka Kazuto (鳴坂 和人なるさか かずと, Narusaka Kazuto), and known as «Kirito» (キリト, Kirito) in «Sword Art Online» is the protagonist of the main Sword Art Online series. When Kirito and Alice decided that ice from the Mountain Range at the Edge could help preserve their meals in the hot summer, Eugeo was reluctant to journey to the mountain due to possibly breaking the rules, but was still persuaded to join them. After Raios and Humbert made fun of this, Kirito and Eugeo left with a supposed improvement achieved, as Humbert and Raios left them alone for awhile. Novel At that point, Eugeo noticed that his hands were bloody, and screamed, ending the nightmare. By next spring, each of them received letters of recommendations to attend the Sword Mastery Academy. Yujio (Eugeo) Six years later (in Underworld time), Eugeo was the first person Kirito encountered when he returned to Underworld and helped him find a place to stay in the village. This is for the Player Avatars and Wayfarers, when you play online with real people or invite Wayfarers to your party when playing they will be added to your Friends List when they reach Affinity Rank 1. As Eugeo tries to finish Deusolbert off, Kirito stopped him, telling him that «Aincrad Style» is not for what Eugeo's going to do. After being separated from Kirito and Alice, Eugeo climbed up the long staircase leading to the 90th floor. Birthdate This is for the Player Avatars and Wayfarers, when you play online with real people or invite Wayfarers to your party when playing they will be added to your Friends List when they reach Affinity Rank 1. There’s definitely something to be said for that. Only after meeting Kirito did Eugeo start taking action. Eugeo then proceeded to use the Aincrad Skill «Meteor Break» to tackle Bercouli into the water. As entering the Dark Territory was considered a violation of the Taboo Index, Eugeo tried to comfort her by stating that she had only touched the ground, which he believed would not be enough to earn a punishment, but quickly turned to Kirito for support. Taught by Kirito. She, along with her squadron, attacks another squadron, successfully sniping the first target. Eugeo as a freshman student at the Sword Mastery Academy. Game As the four-thirty bell rang, they realized that Ronye and Tiese were late for their usual 4 o'clock room cleaning. Eugeo poured his dying soul into his broken sword, transforming it into the Red Rose Sword, which Kirito used, along with his black sword, to finally finish off Quinella. Before Alice took Eugeo and Kirito away, Ronye and Tiese arrived just in time to bring them their swords, the Blue Rose Sword and Kirito's black sword, which Alice confiscated. I recommend inviting Wayfarers fighting a boss/Monolith Boss as its almost the fastest way to increase their Affinity to Rank 1. Kirito says as he makes the stats disappear and lays down on his bed. But when Asuna logs out, she is told by her mother to take an exam to transfer into an academically oriented high school. Unlike its predecessors, the machine connects to a human's Fluctlight (consciousness or soul), instead of the brain. Voiced By If all these people had Fluctlights, then they would undoubtedly be human. Real People Stuff; About Us; Best OPs and EDs of Summer 2020 – special guest Lauren ... ” is a song that I see as a tribute to Eugeo and Kirito’s relationship. 6. Eugeo was a kindhearted and considerate person who thought about the needs of others as well as his own. On the festival organized to celebrate his feat, Eugeo revealed his ambition to become a swordsman and wanted to leave the village, but he was challenged by Jink, the town guard, to a duel to decide who would leave the village. As a result of I don’t give a flying f*ck. When the shadows cleared, the former found himself in the Flosshilde region of Svart Alfheim. Eugeo then activated the second stage of the Blue Rose Sword's Armament Full Control art that trapped both him and Bercouli in thick layers of ice that continuously drained their «Life». is eugeo a ghost or a real human Forum > Questions and Answers board > is eugeo a ghost or a real human The rich text editor does not work with JavaScript switched off. Real Name: Kayaba Akihiko. According to the naming convention in Underworld, each mora (syllable) in a person's name holds the wishes of the parents for their children. Kirito and Eugeo are like brothers. [5] Before getting accepted into the Sword Mastery Academy, he wore the same unbleached, rough cotton or flax, short-sleeved,[5] light blue[citation needed] tunic with irregular texture[citation needed], hand-sewn threads on the cuffs[8] and a V-shape cut on the chest, tied with a light brown cord, and trousers as Kirito. A temporary weapon used in the fight against Eldrie Synthesis Thirty-one. A few months later, Eugeo ranked as an Elite-Swordsman-in-Training in the Academy, and was about to dismiss Tiese, his valet, when he saw Kirito's valet, Ronye, waiting for her mentor to dismiss her. Eugeo is a real person; Cravings; Summary. {{}} must be added at the top of pages that are incomplete and have less than 2,000-2,500 bytes of content.In case {{}} is used on the page, {{}} must be … As the sword morphed back into Eugeo, Kirito was horrified at the sight of his friend lying on the floor, his body bisected at the waist. My self worth isn’t wrapped up in what individuals (or the lots) suppose, like some anime followers. From the perspective of real people in the real world, Medina is just another unit. Occupation Eugeo was a kindhearted and considerate person who thought about the needs of others as well as his own. Eugeo and Kirito dashed to avoid the arrows of the knight, until they eventually reached what appeared to be a dead end. Eugeo is like Kirito’s 2nd sword and shield. The two were brought to the Central Cathedral and locked in the dungeon, though they managed to break out thanks to Kirito's quick wit. Eugeo was a child born in a remote village in the Human Empire of Underworld, where he was assigned the Sacred Task of felling a giant tree with his childhood friend Kirito. Alicization Episode 01 After he managed to stop the bleeding, Eugeo began to activate the Armament Full Control of the Blue Rose Sword. [12], After Eugeo was converted into an Integrity Knight, he temporarily wore an elegant bluish and silvery white armor with a cape.[13]. After signing up for the tournament, both of them entered the tournament restroom and, having quickly scouted the room, they were relieved that none of the participants were female. #eugeo_a | 80K personas han visto esto. Not really: While the technology to build something similar to the nerve-gear is most definitely possible, everything else is completely impossible. Along the way, they defeated the Integrity Knight Deusolbert Synthesis Seven. He retreated to the top floor and tried to trick his way into assassinating Quinella, but failed. After Kirito took the sword, the two trainees returned to the academy. is he a human and what happened did kirito met them for real or was it just a game??? was the deuteragonist of the first half of the Alicization Arc. If you don't read the novels, why do you even want to know this? As Eugeo's Fluctlight was prepped for deletion from the Underworld's database, he met the personified Alice Zuberg of the extracted memories that were held in Quinella's chambers, determined to follow Eugeo into the afterlife. Later that day, Eugeo overheard some commotion, and discovered that Kirito was going to face Volo Levantein, the head Elite Swordsman-in-Training of the Academy, in a duel. Since leaving the village, Eugeo and Kirito had been working as stable-boys in the «Wolde Farm» on the west outskirts of Zakkaria for about five months, training and waiting for the tournament. When they reached the village and heard that the knight had come to arrest Alice to bring her for interrogation and execution, the two boys attempted to hide Alice but to no avail. what if Tiese and Ronye didn't confront Raios and Humbert but instead Eugeo but things go dark real quick but not being saved in time? Eugeo is a resident of the VR world, one born of AI parents who has no idea that he isn’t a “real” person inhabiting a realm meant for play. Having broken free from Eugeo's ice, Kirito and Alice reunited with him in Quinella's chambers, where the three of them along with Cardinal confronted Administrator Quinella and Chief Elder Chudelkin. Sword Art Online Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Fuck off, go watch pokemon or shit if you aren't willing for more mature and adult content to be present in Anime. [11], Upon escaping from the prison in the cathedral, Eugeo, along with Kirito, stumbled upon a room filled with weapons and armor, along with a set of clean clothing. 10th Day of the 4th Month, 361 HEC[1] I suppose?" Soon after the two were dragged by the young Integrity Knights to the fiftieth floor, where Fanatio Synthesis Two and her «Four Oscillation Blades», were waiting, Eugeo witnessed Kirito, who had managed to counter the poison effect, paralyse the two girls from behind with their own weapons. Some time later, Eugeo found himself in a room, where he heard his mother's voice. She's extremely naive about things, not knowing the difference between NPCs and real people. However, just as the two boys discovered that the girls were actually Integrity Knights, they were suddenly paralysed. As the pair stopped to get some food, Eugeo got a bit nervous from seeing more people than he was used to in Rulid Village but Kirito tried to get him to relax. Shimazaki Nobunaga (島﨑 信長)[3]

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