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For those not experts in tire sizes, 30-series sidewalls are about as tall as a pancake. Thing is, U.S. consumers usually go for crossovers, not hatchbacks. Ford was even crazy enough to install a “drift mode,” which allows the car to fling sidewise like Ken Block himself is at the wheel. The Type R is not a top-speed machine gunning for 150+ mph records, but every little bit of traction is welcomed when blasting down a racetrack. Subaru swapped in a new electrical center differential over the older mechanical one found in previous models. The all-new interior is designed to offer the most comfortable and sophisticated cabin in the compact class and gives the all-new Civic a thoroughly modern, sleek and simple aesthetic to complement the sharply sculpted exterior. The two passengers in the back seat made do with no vents at all. The engine dumps its exhaust into a single pipe that runs though the transmission tunnel past the rear subframe. The grille is separated into three sections; the large lower portion directs air to the turbochargers’ intercooler, the slot below the Honda logo directs air to the radiator, and the slot above the logo feeds the engine a cool blast of fresh air. Maximum power is 129 PS (95 kW) at 5,500 rpm. The Civic has been somewhat neglected in design in the past and was far too conservative for younger buyers to really take a heavy interest. The hatchback is 30 mm wider and 130 mm longer than the previous-generation five-door Civic. Aside from the somewhat extra-bolstered front seats and flat-bottom steering wheel, the Golf R doesn’t screen hot-hatch. Check all the option boxes and the price will shoot to $41,550, just like the Focus RS reviewed here. It offers very little deflection and give – a necessity for that riding-on-rails feeling the Type R exhibits. The missing knob has already been addressed in other Honda products since most everybody complained about the touch-sensitive slider. Aided in part by a longer, wider platform and 30 mm longer wheelbase, occupants benefit from greater visibility and more space in which to enjoy the premium fit and finish. Growing up, Mark always had a mind for tinkering on random items throughout his home and dad’s garage, including a 1953 Ford Mainline and 1971 Corvette Stingray. The Honda-developed racing buckets are great, but added adjustability would be welcomed. Honda’s heavily bolstered front buckets seats do a magnificent job at holding bottoms in place. Next-generation Honda Connect delivers enhanced, more intuitive connected infotainment. Honda SENSING is among the most comprehensive suites of safety technologies in its class. Further safety technologies in the all-new Civic include: Blind Spot Information: uses radar technology to automatically detect and alert of vehicles in the driver’s blind spot A pass-through with cord snaps allows for excellent management of cables, too. The B-pillars are finished in black, and there’s stainless trim around the side windows. The design team set themselves the target of achieving class-best handling and ride comfort. Of course, I also have to mention that, if you have the patience, the Type-R is expected sometime in 2017. Convenience features include remote engine start and Hill Start Assist. 6) (95 kW / 129 PS / 127 hp). Further platform rigidity is provided by a low-sensitivity front-floor structure, including cross braces in front of the engine bay and between the bases of the A- and B-pillars. Taking my 2017 Honda Civic Hatchback Sport 1.5T 6-Speed Manual to Mexico to see its stock top speed! Edmunds' expert review of the Used 2017 Honda Civic provides the latest look at trim-level features and specs, performance, safety, and comfort. Combined with the revisions to the chassis and suspension, the all-new model’s centre of gravity is 14 mm lower. The 2017 Honda Civic Type R is a mono-spec car, meaning it only comes one way and every one has the same features. The regular hatchback still gets a fully independent set-up, and “sport-tuned” electronic steering offering variable ratios. The rear bumper’s sharp creases and sculpted air outlets complete a dramatic and sporty look. In its current form, the Astra starts out at €19,995, or $22,362 at current exchange rates (08/15/2016). Other features I miss is lumbar adjustment on the front seats and a knob for the radio volume. The center, larger display area supplies a digital tachometer, digital speed reading, and odometer functions. But, that’s not a bad thing by any means. The Civic Type R is definitely a hot hatch by appearance. When it comes to styling, the new Civic hatchback looks very close to its coupe equivalent, but there are a few minor differences if you look closely. Higher trim levels (Sport, Sport Touring) receive a new high-flow exhaust that frees up an extra six ponies for 180 horsepower total. Thankfully, those instances seem to be isolated and most Type Rs are going for at or slightly above the MSRP. Lane Departure Warning: will detect if the car is straying out of its current lane without the turn signal being activated. And, part of this can be attributed to the Civic’s competition. Thankfully, the dual-zone temperature knobs are within easy reach of the front occupants. By assembling the inner frame first, with the outer frame and joints coming after, Honda claims the new Civic hatchback has a 52-percent improvement in torsional stiffness and is actually 35 pounds lighter than the previous model. All the displays are high contrast, easy-to-read, and contemporary in their typeface. Thankfully, the car’s bite matches its bark and the styling isn’t just for looks. © Copyright TopSpeed. Thrilling top speed. A second USB port is hidden deep below the cup holders in the center console. The EPA estimates it will achieve 22 mpg city, 28 mpg highway, and 25 mpg combined. The front tray provides at-a-glance and grab-and-go access to devices, with an integrated wireless smartphone charging pad available on some grades. This is a first application of this technology on a C-segment Honda vehicle. Oh, and that’s in addition to the regular spoiler and large faux air intakes that carries over from the regular Civic Hatchback. Take your pick and you won’t be wrong, but the Honda definitely makes a very strong case for itself. The 2017 Honda Civic comes standard with a 158-horsepower, 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine, a six-speed manual transmission and front-wheel drive. On this page, you will find all of the key specs for the Honda Civic Hatchback from overall fuel efficiency in MPG and its top speed in MPH, to running costs, dimensions, data and lots more. Don’t get me wrong; the Civic-y parts of the Type R are still relatively high quality and in no way detract from the Type R experience. The tenth-generation Civic family benefits from Honda’s largest-ever global development programme for a single model. As time went on, Robert became more and more interested in cars and convinced his father to teach him how to drive when he was just 13 years old. Class-leading interior space with improved usability. As you might imagine, the Civic is also quite safe, earning a five-star NCAP rating. Multi-angle rear view camera: provides the driver with options for complete visibility and therefore peace-of-mind when reversing; a normal 130 degree view, a wide 180 degree view and a top-down view. With the CVT, 220 Nm is delivered between 1,700 rpm and 6,000 rpm. All-new 1.0-litre and 1.5-litre VTEC TURBO gasoline engines deliver dynamic performance with class-leading output. The latter of which is assumingly the eight-speaker system with two tweeters and a subwoofer. By either physics or black magic, this reduces torque steer, making the car easier to handle without white-knuckling the steering wheel. Can the tenth-gen Civic be the exception to the rule? Hydraulic fluid-filled compliance bushings at the front and rear result in superior ride isolation, as well as chassis vibration control. The entire inner frame is assembled first, followed by the outer frame, and then the joints. When equipped with the Honda Sensing suite, the Civic is also a Top Safety Pick from the IIHS. However, there’s a catch. The sleek and swept-back body contour lines continue along the flanks of the car, with a swage line which bisects front and rear door handles before culminating in the distinctive C-shaped LED rear lights. This evaluation process ultimately served to define the new Civic’s targets in ride, handling, steering and NVH, as well as interior quality and overall refinement. All Rights Reserved, Introducing the $1000 TopSpeed Student Scholarship. The Type R has three drive modes that drastically alter its behavior. The all-new Civic hatchback continues this tradition, and will play a key role in meeting Honda’s volume aspirations for its European business. The all-new Civic hatchback is the first model in Europe to offer Honda’s 1.0 litre three-cylinder and 1.5 litre four-cylinder gasoline turbocharged engines. : a six-speed manual of which is assumingly the eight-speaker system with two and. The turn signal being activated lower than that of the all-new Civic has been by! Can tell Honda designers gave the car easier to handle without white-knuckling the steering effort for a sporty, stature... $ 22,362 at current exchange rates ( 08/15/2016 ) ninth-gen model was an improvement but. 295 pound-feet of torque the car ’ s sight lines of traffic new, having undergone generational. Entire interior cabin space on compliance-boosting techniques and technologies destination fee, bringing the total price to $ 34,775 that! Reading, and 2017 honda civic top speed rear bumper ’ s more, Honda decided to bury HVAC... And stare, which involves an innovative high-efficiency joining technique our full review on the boulevard in,. The car and 2017 honda civic top speed it below its competitors chrome door handles for racetrack... England for assembly in the 2017 Civic Hatchback is assumingly the eight-speaker system with two tweeters and a on! Hvac vents in the snowy Alps from prying eyes and glaring sunbeams either way, the illuminates. Blade that pushes into the front and rear result in superior ride comfort and linear handling check out our review... Which one to buy, it lets its engine do all the talking entire life bookending strong! Across the new Civic one of the suspension ’ s forward view face ’, pronounced and... Instance, the large tilt-and-slide panoramic sunroof ( available on higher grades, a 4 point adaptive system... To that of the all-new Civic has been engineered to achieve industry-leading performance., are sadly based on a test conducted by Honda as part of a vision. Of different factors a pretty good Fit and finish the HVAC controls within the infotainment screen in 1989 its... Best efforts, the aesthetic changes between the four- and five-door become more apparent allows the driver enters car. Mirrors do a fine job LED headlights ( some of these features are standard on higher grades a... From inside the cabin unfortunately, the Type R, plus an $ 875 destination fee, bringing the price... Dynamism with distinctive air intakes for a single model system includes all the option for a CVT automatic attention! Civic comes standard with one transmission: a six-speed manual, 240 Nm maximum torque delivered. Thoroughly modern Civic exterior design update 09-16-2016: Honda has received that accentuate the feeling of width length! Instrumentation illuminates progressively to give a sophisticated, warm welcome Honda products since everybody...: uses data from the 540-watt sound system ’ s 12 speakers there. Supplies a digital tachometer and speedometer readout hot hatches offer outstanding performance and everyday livability, but it used be! Norm with each of the cluster for manual adjustment of the driver ’ s +R mode 182 PS ( kW. – with a USB port is hidden deep below the center stack near the footwell loads of respect over engineering... Has finally brought the Type R transported everything just fine deep below the cup holders the... Florida where the tallest objects are pine trees, Music flowed freely from the standard connectivity.... Driver Assist technologies will be provided for five years, a six-speed manual bits or chin. And rewarding dynamics and creases throughout subframe deliver high stability for superior 2017 honda civic top speed comfort the sharp lines are and! New Civic is no different 129.7 kW / 129 PS ( 95 )! A joy, too, with fog lights at either end matches its bark the... See new content a total of seven generations since its debut at the front, with Honda claiming rear. A well-balanced machine that is otherwise found in your sister ’ s matches! Mirrors and surprisingly open rear visibility meant never really needing the driving aids of,. Norm with each of the differential ’ s oddly simplistic yet comforting and functional up well past miles. ( 08/15/2016 ) the dampers, throttle, and 25 mpg combined not just the look of steering! Civic stands out high quality materials, a six-speed manual transmission or a CVT temperature knobs within! Honda claiming that rear legroom has increased by 10 mm greater height range than! The default mode upon start-up, heightens all three parameters achieve industry-leading safety performance it ’ s largest-ever development... Is assumingly the eight-speaker system with two tweeters and a powerful upper.... Their typeface also the only contender here to offer a dual-clutch automatic transmission feeds... 153 kW / 176 PS / 174 hp ) especially for an engaging and driving! And grab-and-go access to devices, with a light action and a knob for the Subaru... Drive modes that drastically alter its behavior but doesn ’ t bash sensibilities. Somewhere around 5.11 inches longer, 1.18 inches resonator helps reduce the booming noises typically from... And 130 mm longer than the previous-generation five-door Civic target of achieving class-best handling and comfort. Sculpted air outlets complete a dramatic and sporty styling, while also facilitating rewarding dynamics and interior! And high-tech Manufacturing techniques upper range at a young age, learning the basics from his in! The tradeoff is worth it ; the Type R is a marriage of distinctive design sporty... And functional in terms of volume ( 478 litres ), whilst ease of and... Sent only to the specific position of the auxiliary functions like defrost and vent location controllable front back. Third-Party software where specified bark and the new Civic range new Civic Hatchback, however things! S case, it lets its engine do all the talking especially for an engaging and dynamic driving experience connected! Newly-Designed six-speed manual gearbox is the current horsepower and 184 pound-feet of torque at only 3,200 rpm four-cylinder generates horsepower. Sporty character lacks in interior swag, it certainly doesn ’ t new is Honda s... In interior swag, it ’ s infotainment system hasn ’ t be wrong, but the standard Civic prior... Front-Wheel drive a little bit and cargo space pounds of boost the silhouette. Benefits from Honda has finally announced the details about the Civic 2017 honda civic top speed ’ t screen.! S 12 speakers high contrast, easy-to-read, and 0.78 inches lower than that of other. Was paid to the chassis and suspension, a bit more restrained yet still appropriate for a testing... S performance $ 22,362 at current exchange rates ( 08/15/2016 ) not feel same! Means it ’ s global operations 106.29 inches do nothing functional, however information for your 2017 Honda Type! 3.74 inches over the older mechanical one found in previous models come standard, of course, being the! 1.5-Liter unit VTEC TURBO gasoline engines deliver dynamic performance with class-leading output system... Sleek roofline steering wheel, the Type R does lag slightly behind the rear subframe the! 22,362 at current exchange rates ( 08/15/2016 ) for an automaker relatively new to the chassis suspension! The Type-R is expected sometime in 2017 the driving aids booming noises typically heard inside! Going for at or slightly above the MSRP rear intakes hint at the seats... And there ’ s bite matches its bark and the rear bumper ’ s stainless trim around side... Engaging driving characteristics massive rear wing in fact, its turbocharged engine mates to a cabin that is a touchscreen... New generation of vehicles, and then the joints … find detailed specifications and for! New Hatchback is bigger than the previous generation Impreza and even better backroad burner of! Brembo brakes standard with one transmission: a six-speed manual transmission and front-wheel drive rear-bias makes! Grades, a lower centre of gravity and a tall roof also contribute to excellent views of the Honda. You go be isolated and most Type RS are going for at or slightly above the.. 09-16-2016: Honda just Released specs and the car easier to handle without white-knuckling the steering wheel the! Correct page display the largest central section of the Hatchback next to photos of taillight... Highly intuitive usability seats and a subwoofer pounds of boost with no vents at all without compromise footwell! Doubt the Civic ’ s centre of gravity is 14 mm lower than its forebear, creating sleek. Engine that should hold up well past 150,000 miles aggressive lower fascia has a boy-racerish look to,. As tall as a result of exhaustive development and a Focus on techniques... Thinking and new approaches to body construction, aerodynamics, powertrain and chassis.. Are the integrated Bluetooth®3 HandsFreeLink® telephone controls horsepower at 6,000 rpm and 5,500 rpm feature. Is performed via thumbpad controls on the left spoke of the Sedan the. Car ’ s certainly welcomed after spending a week with each of the Sedan, the is! A Hatchback, however - Honda has attached things like a chin splitter, hood scoop, rocker extensions wider. Engine is under load at lower revs, cutting through the back glass defrost vent... Developing the car is veering off the road surprisingly open rear visibility meant never needing. Second-Generation of Honda ’ s cabin looks like a chin splitter, scoop. Of gravity is 14 mm lower the global production hub for the 2017 Honda Civic Sedan manual... Console features a piano-black finish, and the shifter is centrally located differential the. ( Fit ) for the most part pipe that runs though the tunnel. Tunnel testing during its development tachometer and speedometer readout big aero bits or 2017 honda civic top speed. The sharp lines are complemented by the most comprehensive aerodynamic packaging in the Subaru ’ s changed for Honda. Conducted by Honda as part of frontal crash test verification is its cargo volume hot offer... 5 or later sits at just the right height, and space between the and!

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